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Come Create in the Space

Our renovations are so near completion, we can hardly handle it!  The glass and the doors are in, and boy is it sound safe. The dream is starting to wake from the realm of possibility into the exciting realm of real life.  We can’t wait to welcome artists to do their thing in our space!

We’ve got some great buzz. Read about our strategic partnership with Melodious Design Recording Company in the press:

1. New creative space opening in City’s downtown - Red Deer Express

2. The Space to create: new downtown recording facility - Red Deer Advocate

Together we’re excited to serve artists in our region and beyond so they can serve others through powerful stories, music and creativity that impacts the world.

We can’t wait to be fully operational in The Space this summer and to see creative ideas come to life as we enter into a new chapter for Unveil.

The Space

The Space - Unveil Studios and Melodious Design in Red Deer

Using film to bring water to villages in Sudan

I was 9 years old. With a trembling voice and tears filling my eyes I told my mother that I was going to join the army.

~ Monybany Minyang Dau

Unveil is working with A Better World Canada to help raise funds for the Atar Water Project in Southern Sudan. The goal is raise $150,000 to bring water to 90,000 people in a total of 10 communities.

  • Percentage of Population 1 Well Will Reach 9%
  • Money Raised As of December 2013 27%
E for Everyone

E for Everyone: The Mouse and the Elephant

We traveled the world to ask the same 9 questions of people in areas of extreme wealth and poverty.